Website Domain Registration

Register a domain name for your business

Secure and register the unique domain name that will be used to create your online presense. You can use it to establish your website, email address, and web hosting as you start and grow your business online.

Register a business domain name for $25 per year. Offer available for existing ZenBusiness subscribers only.

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Benefits of a business domain name

Protects Your Brand

Protects Your Brand

Register a domain name today to ensure that no one else can purchase it and control your brand tomorrow.

Gets You Online

Gets You Online

Most consumers search online for products and services so its crucial to have an online presence to compete.

Promotes Your Business

Promotes Your Business

Advertise your business through your website and sell your products and services either online or in your store.

Why do I need a domain name?

A business domain name is the unique name claimed through a domain registrar to represent a company online. It can be used for a website, email address, or both. It is also needed for a web hosting company to publish your website.

If you think your business will need a domain name, then it is recommended that you get one immediately to protect against someone else purchasing it. ZenBusiness can secure your domain name and ensure it aligns with your new business name.

How to Choose a Business Domain Name?

Here are some great tips on choosing a good domain name for your business.

Use Your Brand Name

Ideally your domain name should sound exactly as your brand or company name or, at least, reflect it to some extent. Unfortunately many of the domain names using popular words are already taken. If the name you use for your business uses a combination of popular words, chances are it is taken as well. Start doing your search and if nothing shows as available to resonate with your brand, get creative. Slightly modify your brand name pronunciation, add your location, add action verbs and adjectives and see if you can find more options available for registration.

Use Industry-Relevant Words

You want to avoid associations with products and services that are not related to your industry. On the contrary, you want your customers to think that your website is what they are looking for their need from the very moment they see your domain name. How do you achieve that? By using industry specific keywords and phrases that would trigger your customers to think of your product or service. Make a list of words commonly used in your industry and use it complementarily to your brand name.

Keep it Short & Memorizable

If you want your customers to memorize the name of your business you will probably try to use less words. The same applies to choosing a domain name. The less words you use the better. Besides being easier to remember a shorter domain is also more trustworthy. It is specifically true when it comes to customers who don’t know you yet and are doing their research online. Aim to keep your domain name within the range of 15 characters.

Simplify & Make it Easy to Read

Although the desire to differentiate your business from the competition is a great idea, don’t try to be overly descriptive when choosing words for your domain name when it goes agains its simplicity. Most of the time your customers will be seeing your multi-word domain name as a single long word without capitalization or separation between words. If the words you use are not commonly used or too complicated, the domain name will be difficult to read and understand. Try to use simple words that when joined together can be easily distinguished as a phrase.